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HAND CARE: simple but important tips

HAND CARE: simple but important tips
3 de abril de 2020 No comments

NEVER, as in this period, you wash your hands so frequently and to do so, in addition to water and soap, there are a lot of disinfectants to help us. The skin, however, using alcohol and disinfectants with sodium hypochlorite and / or substitutes, is greatly affected.

Excessive dryness, redness, chapping and nail splitting are the first consequence already widely visible on the hands of all of us.

We have already answered the question "How much and how to wash your hands" with a dedicated article, where we also recommend the use of the best natural soaps.


After washing, adequate hydration is essential. Hand care is even more important in these precautionary weeks and it is therefore good to also avoid eating nails and cuticles around the fingers to avoid the formation of infections. Finally use emollient and protective creams in abundance.

 Hand products soaps frequent washing natural hand creams with Extra virgin olive oil

During the washing phase, the fundamental problem is that there is a tendency to pay no attention to the composition of the detergent, thus risking the use of highly degreasing and irritating products for the skin of the hands, which is already sensitive in itself.
In doing so, the natural hydrolipidic film that covers the epidermis is gradually damaged and the hands are becoming weaker and particularly sensitive to external aggressions, since their natural defensive barrier has been compromised.
This situation, in addition to the scarcity of natural moisturizing factors, makes the skin of the hands subject to cracking and redness.

Liquid Soap with Extra Virgin Olive Oil wash your hands often

Considering of what has been said so far, we can say that hand care already begins with cleansing, for this reason it is essential to use natural soaps such as the liquid soap dispenser Prima Spremitura with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


take care of your hands. Manicured and hydrated hands with the best natural products with Extra Virgin Olive OilFor hand care it is necessary to regularly apply moisturizing, nourishing and protective creams: regular use of these products is also important to keep the hydrolipidic film intact and to avoid altering the natural barrier function of the skin.

We recommend products for natural hands and enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E that help prevent the unpleasant phenomenon of skin dryness, keeping the skin of the hands soft and compact for a long time.

Crema nutritiva mani e unghie naturale con Olio Extra Vergine di OlivaLike the Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream Prima Spremitura 150ml with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a light, rapidly absorbed emulsion that creates a thin protective film without leaving any greasy feeling. Ideal to prevent redness and chapping. Even the most fragile and damaged nails will benefit from the richness of the formulation, returning to being quickly, beautiful, smooth and strong.

Intense nourishing natural hand butter

Ideal is also the use of natural butters and oils such as shea butter and cocoa butter to restore the right tone and elasticity to the hands. Hand butters like the Melting butter Prima Spremitura whose formulation rich in precious oils respects and restores the normal hydro-lipidic balance, has a protective and moisturizing action on the skin, making the tissues more elastic, luminous and well cared.


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