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July 28, 2016 No comments

Every summer we want a perfect long-lasting tan because it stands for health, happiness, well-being and beauty.

But how can we get it?

The key is to PROTECT YOURSELF from sun rays!

Thanks to the spread of information regarding sun exposure, each one of us has become aware of the skin damage caused by UV rays; for this reason there are more and more types of sunscreen available on the market that are able to protect us during sun exposure, but it is also very important to use excellent after-sun products containing certified natural and safe ingredients.

Before exposing your skin to the sun, apply the sunscreen all over your body and pay attention to the most sensitive areas such as lips, ears, nose and the eye contour area, which require a cream with a higher level of protection.

NOW you can lie down, play by the shore, go swimming or go for a nice walk.

At the end of the day you won't feel your skin burn, however you will feel the need to hydrate it.

THE SECRET to keeping your tan can be found in the actions you carry out at THE END OF THE DAY. Once you have come home from the beach, it is essential to take a shower in order to wash off the salt and the sunbathing products. The filters used in sunscreen do not hydrate skin, they only protect it by creating a small non-natural barrier, which tends to dehydrate the epidermis.

After rinsing thoroughly, finish your shower with some cold water in order to close the scales and tone the skin.

And now here we are, we have reached the most important moment: apply a cream with extra virgin olive oil all over your body. If you don't have one yet, just add two teaspoons of oil to the cream you are using and wait until you see the result...

Your skin will be golden and bright for a long time!


By adding extra virgin olive oil to your cream, the oil is able to penetrate the epidermis, thanks to the moisturizing emulsion. Thus a deeper elasticizing and nutritive action can be obtained and the physiological balance, compromised by the sun exposure, is recovered.

It is no coincidence that ancient civilizations considered the olive tree as a symbol of immortality, in this case it represents the immortality of our beloved tan!


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