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This is Emma, she is shopping for new cosmetic products. Emma wants her shampoo and make-up to be natural and organic. She knows that some products may not be as natural or organic as they say they are.

How can she be sure the products she is buying really are natural and organic?

The International Non-profit Association NATRUE is here to help.

Since 2007, NATRUE has worked hard to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics. NATRUE believes in leasing high standards before a product can claim to be natural or organic, to ensure customers like Emma get the product she expects.

Unfortunately, there is no official regular true definition for held the words “natural” or “organic” applied to everyday cosmetic products.

For example, how many organic ingredients should go into a product before it can be called “organic”? Should water be counted the same way as plant extracts are when determining naturalness?

Likely, NATRUE provides unique international representation for this sector; for example NATRUE sits at the European Commission's working group on cosmetics: allows it to contribute to evolve in legislation, impacting claims and ingredients regulation and to ensure that any future legal definition will be strict.

However, changing the law can take time and Emma needs help now.

That's why in 2008, NATRUE created its own voluntary international NATRUE Seal.

Independently certified products must reach a high standard for ingredients, production processes and formulations. This guarantees maximum levels of natural and organic ingredients in each product.

To be considered “natural”, ingredients must be found in nature or source from it; nothing artificial is allowed.

Successful companies can only use this Seal on packaging if 8 out of 10 products in a line can be certified. This helps consumers quickly and easily identify natural and organic cosmetics.

Emma hopes that soon we will have clearer legal definition for natural and organic cosmetics, that matches her expectations; but until then she is delighted that NATRUE is actively campaigning and that she can easily tell which products have been certified as natural and organic, already by looking for the NATRUE label.

NATRUE believes in “the right to know, the right to choose”.

For more information, visit the website www.natrue.org

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