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Natural rose’s remedies for lips, hands and face

Natural rose’s remedies for lips, hands and face
May 30, 2018

We women have 3 very sensual body parts, that, at the same time, are very exposed during the day: lips, hands and face.

These 3 parts, like it or not, identify and represent us:

Every part of our body talks about us!

Hands reveal the age, the type of work done and often show the habit of nail-biting related to anxiety,

From the lips, you perceive the sensitivity to weather conditions (cold, hot, wind), if they are not well hydrated, and their stress level,

From the face, you can deduct the skin type, see its tonicity, its brightness and understand the amount of time that has been dedicated to personal care.

Often, indeed, we feel like being out of place if we have forgotten to wear makeup or to put on hand cream.

With some little tricks, you’ll see, nothing will ever catch us off guard!

cura labbra mani viso

Here are 7 products that will save us!

For your lips:

scrub labbra rosa

Lip scrub balm, absolutely not to underestimate!

Both in summer and in winter, due to high/low temperatures, the fragile lips’ skin gets thinner and starts to crack and there is nothing more annoying than kissing with rough lips instead of soft ones (as they say, kissable)

When this happens to you, the only fast and efficient solution is a lip scrub balm, which helps to cure chapped lips and uniformly smooth them: two, three coats and the lips come back as new!

The lip balm

The lip balm is an ally to be kept in your bag all year long: we can use it as a basis before the lipstick or in order to avoid cracks and to protect us against pollutants such as the smog.

We need to remember that we eat what we put on our lips and therefore it is important to always use natural products!

burro labbra

maschera labbra

The lip mask

is to be used sparingly, we can say once a week, when we have time to let it work for a few minutes.

If after the scrub you can do a little compress with the mask , your lips will turn out softer than ever in no time.

For the face:

As always, before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning, you need to remember to cleanse the face with

micellar water.

In the evening, it will remove the makeup and all the impurities on your skin and in the morning, it will help to tone and brighten the face for a new super day!

acqua micellare rosa

burro viso

Face butter:

different product from the cream, of rapid absorption, very nourishing and the best ally for the face skin which needs to go through the mid-season and the winter!
Great also as makeup basis!

For the hands:

Nail mask and cuticles

get yourselves 20-minutes relax, wash your hands and apply the mask for nails and cuticles.

You will feel your fingers say THANK YOU!

We never think enough about those poor cuticles that some of us bite until they bleed!

Hand butter:

to be always kept in the bag!

You know when, in winter, the hands itch by how much they are dry and on the other hand, in summer, also your palms peel by how much you sunbathe?

Here’s the remedy that will make your hands smooth, soft and velvety as rose petals.

Cuddle with the new rose line of Prima Fioritura!

prima fioritura linea labbra mani viso alla rosa


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