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Washing your hair could not be as easy as it seems. Here there are 6 common mistakes you might have made while washing your hair

Shiny, soft and healthy hair is everybody's dream.
Taking care of your hair and hair changes is very important, as your hair is the first to suffer from stress and any other variation in your state of health.

Even if taking care of your hair is a daily activity, nearly a banal routine, are you sure you know exactly how to do it? There are so many unaware mistakes that we make everyday while taking care of our hair.

Therefore, here there are 6 common mistakes to avoid to wash your hair properly:

1. Washing your hair everyday, especially when it seems greasy

Different hair types need different treatments, including the frequency of cleansing. Washing your hair everyday could be e a mistake if your hair is dry, curly or damaged but it can be useful in exceptional cases, for example if you suffer from severe dandruff. So, the frequency of cleansing depends on the hair type.

How many times should you wash your hair? Generally, twice a week should be sufficient. Three times if your hair is particularly greasy, but be careful! With this hair type you should never exaggerate, because daily shampooing could modify the hydro-lipidic balance of the scalp and cause more production of sebum.
In a nutshell, you could cause the opposite effect!

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2. Not using organic, silicon-free, petrolatum-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner

Silicons, petrolatum and parabens are substances used in all cosmetic products such as make-up, body lotions, face creams and even in hair products. These substances are extremely damaging as they cover the hair shaft with a waterproof film that “suffocates” your hair and makes it arid and weak.
Suffocating the hair fiber makes your hair more likely to get dirty and greasy one day after washing.

To avoid this, buy conditioner, hair masks and shampoo without silicons and damaging substances that you can easily recognize in the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), in other words the list of the ingredients you can find on the label of the product.
Organic products could be a little more expensive than supermarket products but they will pay you back by making your hair look extraordinary.

3. Not using conditioner

For many people, conditioner is a must-have product in their hair-care routine. For other people, this product seems to be in an aura of mystery or worse, they think it could lead to greasy hair.

Conversely, conditioner should always be part of your hair-care routine if you want to wash your hair properly. If you don't apply conditioner, your hair dries out excessively and you lose the chance to give your hair the nourishment it needs to be shiny and soft.

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4. Applying conditioner on your scalp

Hesitations about the use of conditioner is often due to a wrong use. Most people who don't apply it because they fear greasy hair, have experienced, in the past, conditioner on their roots and scalp.
The proper way to apply conditioner is starting from the ends, instead.
After shampooing, squeeze your hair to remove the excess of water and apply conditioner on your ends only, up to three-quarters of the length of your hair, then massage with circular motion, the massage lightly warms up the product, makes it even more effective and it seeps through your hair.
This way you won't have greasy hair after one day but healthy, shiny and soft hair.

5. Using 2-in-1 products and there's no need to use conditioner

Many people gamble on “miracle” 2-in-1 products that promise to save time and money because of the use of one single product instead of two. However sometimes, all that glitters is not gold.

Two are the reasons why these products should be avoid; on one hand, they don't have their single proper use (shampoo from your scalp to your ends and conditioner on your ends only), on the other hand, these products often contain silicons, petrolatum and parabens that are very damaging for your hair.

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6. Rubbing wet hair

Wet hair are very weak. For this reason you should avoid to stress it before hairdrier.

Do not use scratchy towels and do not rub your hair among them and with the towel.
To remove the excess of water you can use a soft, natural fiber towel instead, that is very gentle on your hair and does not produce electrostatic charge.

After blotting your hair, comb it gently, starting from your ends and going little by little on the scalp.
In case of particularly tough tangles, take your lock firm with one hand in order to avoid to stress and pull your roots too much.


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