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October 30, 2018 No comments

The summer holidays, unfortunately, are over for a while and a few days ago, we fully entered in the autumn season. Yes, the sun is good for us, it brings us a good mood and also a good load of vitamin D that will help to protect us from winter sickness.

But if we wern’t very careful, if we have not given the right hydration to the skin, or if we really exaggerated with the sun, now our skin may seem thickened or damaged.

Why does this happen?

It is very simple:
our body tends to defend itself from the "aggression" of the most dangerous sun rays, increasing the turnover and the number of cells with a consequent thickening of the skin, which is often associated with dryness and irregularity of the skin surface.

What may seem to all effects an imperfection is actually a very useful defense mechanism.

Because if this were not the case, you would risk heavy burns and long-term damage.

Now, instead, we are in autumn, it means that this is the moment of the passage:
our skin is still thick and irregular, and must be helped to get rid of the old cells and to be regenerated.

How to solve the problem?

Here are some useful tips for you:


it is very important to use detergents that respect the skin but, at the same time, which are also useful for the removal of impurities.

The face, as it’s the area whichi is most exposed to atmospheric agents and smog, needs a deep cleansing with a cleansing milk that respects our skin.

For the body it is instead a good routine to use a good traditional soap with extra virgin olive oil, effective and delicate.


to give a nice jolt to the cell turnover.

Particularly suitable for the autumn season is the perfect lip scrub to nourish our chapped lips weakened by the cold.

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The body scrub is recommended once a week using a sponge, for the removal of old cells, impurities and some tanning residues (resign yourself but it will happen sooner or later).


The ideal one is a light, moisturizing, soothing cream that also has a gentle exfoliating effect, so that the skin regenerates day after day.

The inevitable delicacy of our face requires a specific cream that allows the regeneration of new cells.

It is not enough to wash with delicate soaps, it is important to nourish our skin, not only our face, but also our entire body, in need of a daily cuddle.

• Healthy nutrition and... New oil:

Always to support any cosmetic treatment, a diet based on fresh and seasonal vegetables, raw, if possible, is essential for the skin regeneration. And, since the period of olive harvesting is approching, I suggest you to consume "new" oil, that is the extra virgin olive oil freshly pressed: with a spicy and bitter taste, it’s an exceptional source of antioxidants in its native state, ie not yet degraded by time, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamin E, substances that are very useful for combating the free radicals.


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