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January 27, 2017 No comments

How to have perfect hands even in winter using only natural products

Our hands are routinely exposed to climatic fluctuations, solar radiation, wind, smog and stress caused by manual labor. The skin may redden and crackle, peeling close to the nails, creating discomfort and itching. You can treat these painful ailments with natural cosmetics, organic products, hand creams do it yourself, and why not, even drawing to the infallible remedies of the grandmother

1. Prevention is better than cure

To keep intact the beauty of your hands is therefore crucial first of all try to prevent the onset of redness and cracking, while keeping the skin hydrated from the inside by drinking a lot and consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables. Other small precaution is to avoid as much as possible the changes in temperature; trying to warm your hands too quickly, for example by exposing them to heat the radiator, can be an harmful habit for the skin of our hands.

2. It all starts with a proper daily hygiene

Another habit to avoid is that of using disinfectants or aggressive detergents. Even the too frequent washing can dry out the skin excessively going to break the delicate balance of the dermis. Favoring therefore natural soaps and products, preferably moisturizing.

To protect and care for your hands is also preferable to purchase natural creams, without synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS / SLES, mineral oils, silicones and artificial colors, because what we apply on the skin is absorbed by the body.

3. Grandma's remedies for rough and chapped hands

If now the cold has won on our hands it is then possible to use some natural remedies of popular wisdom.

Useful, especially to soothe and bring relief, it may be wraps of chamomile or mauve, known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Prepare a simple brew and soak your hands for a few minutes, they will emerge regenerated.

If you want to soften the thickened and chapped skin, prepare an infusion of bay leaves and celery obtained by boiling the ingredients for 5-10 minutes. Again soak your hands for a few minutes.

But perhaps the most effective remedy is the use of oil or butter. You can choose refined oils such as jojoba or coconut or shea butter, or more simple and effective, such as extra virgin olive oil. The latter is particularly suitable for skin care of our hands due to its antioxidant properties and its wealth in terms of vitamins and fatty acids, which are essential to hydrate and heal irritated and reddened skin. You can then use it as an ointment distributing a generous amount on your hands, covering it with gloves or cotton gauze and making it absorb deep all night. Seeing is believing.


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