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January 12, 2017 No comments

A precious beauty ally in skin hydration

The body butter, preferably characterized by a good and organic INCI, contains emollient ingredients such as shea and coconut butter and natural oils such as jojoba or olive. Its composition allows him to create a barrier between external agents and skin that protects it from pollution and harsh environmental conditions. It also allows to maintain the hydration of the skin, penetrating in depth and maintaining the smooth surface layer and elastic.

How to use it? Having a semi-solid consistency, in order to improve the applying on the body is advisable to store the jar in the bathroom, to soften it, and rub it on the still warm skin after a shower. It will absorb completely within a few minutes, the main thing is do not use an excessive amounts.

This type of cream is not just a simple moisturizer for the skin of the body, but can be used in many other ways. These are 5 uses to which you might not have thought of:

1. Care of the hands and feet: can be used daily as a hands and feet cream especially when you require deep hydration. Try once a month to perform a ritual treatment of the feet before going to bed treat yourself to a long foot bath and immediately applied a generous dose of melting butter and cover with cotton socks. Remember not to neglect your nails, they also need hydration!

2. Soften dry areas: apply a generous dose and massage only the driest areas, the butter will penetrate deep restoring elasticity and softness.

3. Moisturizing cream face and décolleté: for its skin protection capacity is particularly effective in the hydration of face and décolleté’s skin. Heat it between the hands and apply it on the skin massaging with upward movements. Moisturize also neck and chest may help prevent the formation of wrinkles, especially when using products made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rich in natural antioxidants.

4. Post-depilation: thanks to its formula particularly rich in nutrients, helps soothe the irritated skin by depilation, leaving it soft and smooth.

5. Massages: is also ideal for a comfortable massage; warm it between the hands and apply it with delicate movements upwards, to stimulate circulation.

Nothing compares to the feeling of slather an extraordinarily soft and smooth body butter that melts on contact with the skin. Its rich and velvety consistence is highly moisturizing and allows perfuming for long skin.


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